Sample corrupt databases to play with

The very worst piece of advice I ever saw on the Internet was in response to someone asking on a SQL newsgroup ‘how can I create a corrupt database?’. The first response was:

When I want to corrupt a database to play with, I go into the data center, find a hard-drive and flick the power switch on-and-off quickly a few times.

This was closely followed by a bunch of replies (including mine) saying ‘Noooooooooooo!!!!’

So, for a few years now I’ve provided a zip file with a bunch of pre-corrupted databases in – so you can test your consistency checking jobs, and experiment with corrupt databases without having to create them yourself by destroying hard-drives, or less daft means. You can find the main zip file at the top of our Past Events resources page, along with a link to a blog post which explains the various databases and demo scripts.

Several times I’ve been asked to provide SQL Server 2008 versions of the two databases which demo system table corruption. Well, that task has finally bubbled to my long-list of blog posts and website updates. There’s now a second, smaller zip file which has 2008-only versions of the DemoFatalCorruption1 and DemoFatalCorruption2 databases, which showcase corruptions that prevent DBCC CHECKDB from running.

Let me know if you have any problems (playing with the backups :-)


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