SQL Server 2008 High Availability whitepaper published on MSDN

The 35-page whitepaper on high availability I wrote for the SQL team over the summer has been published on MSDN. It’s a 2-300 level whitepaper that describes the various high-availability technologies in SQL Server 2008 and how they can be used to mitigate disasters. It’s chock-full of links to other whitepapers, technical articles and Books Online sections and also presents my methodology for planning a high-availability strategy.

You can get it at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee523927.aspx.


Here’s the table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Causes of Downtime and Data Loss
    • Planned Downtime
    • Unplanned Downtime and Data Loss
  • Planning a High-Availability Strategy
    • Requirements
    • Limitations
    • Technology Evaluation
  • SQL Server 2008 High-Availability Technologies
    • Logging and Recovery
    • Backup, Restore, and Related Technologies
      • Partial Database Availability and Online Piecemeal Restore
      • Instant File Initialization
      • Mirrored Backups
      • Backup Checksums
      • Backup Compression
    • Other Single-Instance Technologies
      • Online Operations
      • Database Snapshots
      • Hot-Add Memory and CPU
      • Resource Governor
    • Multi-Instance Technologies
      • Log Shipping
      • Transactional Replication
      • Database Mirroring
      • Failover Clustering
      • Combining Multi-Instance Technologies
      • Virtualization
  • Mitigating the Causes of Downtime and Data Loss
  • High-Availability Features Supported by SQL Server 2008 Editions
  • Conclusion

3 thoughts on “SQL Server 2008 High Availability whitepaper published on MSDN

  1. In the whitepaper is this statement, "With explicit client redirection, the application specifies both mirroring partners in the connection string, so no matter which is the principal, the connection should succeed." Where can I find more information on this specific item?

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