Stepping away from SQLintersection

Over the last year, after we were forced to move our Immersion Events online, we’ve realized the power and flexibility of online training and we had great success with our classes last September and October. Our students loved the relaxed class format, and especially the spread over half days instead of grueling 9-hour classroom days, that allowed them to absorb the material, while also having time in the day for office work.

(Speaking of classes, check out our spring line-up, streaming recordings, packages, and deep discounts through end of January!)

Given that realization, we’ve decided to significantly cut back on all our business travel for the foreseeable future. We still think there will be a need for in-person training of some kind at some point, but we don’t know what that will look like yet.

So now that we’re not doing any in-person training, we also made the decision late last year to step away from traditional in-person conferences. We’ve handed over complete control of SQLintersection to our partners there, and we won’t be involved in any future shows, either speaking or management. Note that they are planning their spring show for June in Orlando, and I’m sure they’ll have a great lineup of speakers as usual. We wish them every success going forward and thank everyone who’s come to our show since we started it back in 2013.

We’ll miss seeing all of you in person, but hope to virtually see you online in one of our events this year!

8 thoughts on “Stepping away from SQLintersection

  1. I’ve not a lot to say, except that I understand. I wish you guys well and loved the shows that you planned and that I attended. I always learned something and still do from your articles and blogs. Take care and stay well. Give Kim a hug from me and have one for yourself. Thanks for everything.

  2. That is unfortunate. I had the opportunity to attend two SQL Intersection conferences in Las Vegas. It is extremely difficult to get approval for training and those two conferences were invaluable to me. While online training is good, being removed from the daily grind for a week is definitely a higher level of training and the personal interaction is extremely valuable.

  3. I always learned so much from you guys, you were definately the highlight of the conference, both of you. Wish you both well. You will both be sorely missed.

  4. I’ve enjoyed your conference presentations and brought back plenty of insight to my team. Thanks for the memories. Hope to see you in the future!

  5. Wish I’d read this earlier before coming, ya’ll were certainly missed. The conferences ya’ll ran were the best SQL ones I’ve attended. Thanks, and we’ll keep an eye out for anything ya’ll run in the future.

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