Survey: how much server memory on your largest machine?

[Edit 12/10/14: Survey is closed see the editorial here.]
One of the trends I’m seeing this year is a slow increase in the number of people who have servers with very large amounts of memory – so time for a survey!

I’d like to know how much memory is installed on your largest server that runs SQL Server (not what max server memory is set to, how much physical memory is installed).

I’ll editorialize the results in a week or two.


PS If you can’t see the vote button, it’s a browser issue so please try a different one or just hit ‘Enter’ after making a selection and it should register your vote.

16 thoughts on “Survey: how much server memory on your largest machine?

    1. I’m feeling your pain Kevin. RAM is a very difficult resource to get for me too after we’ve moved to the Blades, SAN, and VMWare environment.

  1. Hey Paul – Can’t wait to see where you go with the follow-up post. . .

    I have a pair of high(ish)-scale (relative, I know) custom trading / forecasting oriented solutions (intentionally vague, email me if you need more ;-) ) running on the X6 (specifically 8-way 3950) platform, currently configured/presented as single-instance / traditional SMP arch. We currently have (and are running quite happily with) these populated at 4TB on one, 2TB on the other.

    I feel it worth noting, however, that we have employed some other relevant (MCR, & logical I/O influencing) related trickery (e.g. EFD) in the architecture which after benchmarking (speaking of which – thanks for the fusion series you did a couple of years back! It was a great resource for us hardware-ignorant, software-types! ;-) ) influenced my design considerably, and I ultimately decided to leverage these, thus mitigating any (current) need to bump up the memory to something closer to the 12TB capacity these platforms boast.

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