Survey: SQL Server MCM cancellation – does it affect you?

I’m sure most of you have heard the news now that Microsoft has effectively cancelled the MCM/MCSM/MCA program abruptly, with a cold email sent at 10pm last Friday night. There’s a lot of anger in the community about the way it was done – with only one month’s notice for people to attempt the exams before everything closes down October 1st.

The Connect item to bring the certifications back had almost more than 850 up-votes before it was closed and made inaccessible outside of Microsoft (due to abuse from a small handful of people) and there are lots of impassioned comments berating Microsoft for cancelling the program. Plus many people have blogged their thoughts – I liked Jason Brimhall’s post that I linked to in my commentary in yesterday’s SQLskills Insider newsletter.

[Edit: the survey is closed – results are here.]

I think it would be interesting to know just how many are affected by this decision, as I know that many of you have invested time studying for the MCM and money and time attending classes like ours.

And that’s the point of this survey. I’ll editorialize the results next week. You’ll notice there’s only one “No I’m not affected” answer – that’s because I’m only interested in the number of unaffected people.


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