Survey: what is the most worrying wait type?

Here’s another survey for you, and I’m really looking forward to seeing and discussing the results of this one.

Imagine you’re the new DBA for a company (which shouldn’t be hard for most of you :-) and a week ago a new release of the client and server code was rolled out, and you cleared out the wait statistics using DBCC SQLPERF. You’ve never monitored wait statistics on this production SQL Server before, although you’ve done so extensively in previous places you’ve worked. Today you look at the aggregate wait statistics from the last week, using a script that presents them in descending order of total wait time for that wait type. You’ve been on vacation for the last week and so don’t know if there have been any complaints about performance since the roll-out.

Survey is now closed – see here for results

Without considering anything except the wait type name, which of the following wait types (listed in alphabetical order) would you be most concerned to see as the top wait type for the past week (i.e. the most aggregate wait time)?

It’s deliberate that there is  no ‘it depends’ option, and no ‘Other’ option for you to type something, so please don’t leave comments complaining about that.

I’ll editorialize the results next week, along with what my pick would be and rationales for picking each of them.


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