TGIF Time Warp

Once in a blue moon I come across something cool and it happens to be Friday, and I blog about it. Last time was drinking Guinness in Dublin and the time before was an insane driving skills video (see here).

My (scary) friend and fellow SQL MVP Grant Fritchey (Twitter|blog) posted the first two lines of the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Twitter a few minutes ago, to which I responded with the next two lines. They're burned into my brain and I blame my parents.

My Mother used to run a drama school in Scotland when I was a kid (Helensburgh Theatre Workshop) and in the bi-annual shows someone would always "accidentally" says "I'm lucky, you're lucky, we're all LUCKY". Then the clock chimes would start and my Mum and Dad (dressed as Magenta and Riff-Raff) would come on stage and everyone would do the whole Time Warp song. Fond memories, and yes, my family is very outgoing (and strange :-)

In homage to them, Richard O'Brien and Tim Curry, here's a YouTube link to the movie version of the song. Wonderful! (Safe for work btw).

It's just a jump to the left!

(Twitter @paulrandal)

3 thoughts on “TGIF Time Warp

  1. Surely with your history, Paul, you should have been using a Sun 3/60-based tardis( instead of the time warp…

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