What 5 things should SQL Server get rid of?

This evening I was reading an article in The Washington Post called Twelve Things The World Should Toss Out and it inspired me to start a new blog chain about the top-5 things in SQL Server we all wish would just be removed from the product once and for all.

Here are mine in order of evil-ness:

  1. Auto-shrink. Grrr. See Why you should not shrink your data files for why shrink is bad. Auto-shrink is even worse. I tried to have it removed durign SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 development, but to no avail. It needed to stay for backwards compatibility…
  2. The FULL recovery model being the default. I would guess that this is responsible for the majority of cases of transaction logs growing out of control. See Importance of proper transaction log size management.
  3. RECOVERY being the default RESTORE option. The default should be NORECOVERY to stop people screwing up their restore sequences. I hope you can hear the exasparation from wherever you are!
  4. GUIDs being able to be a clustered index key. I shouldn't even have to explain this one. SQL Server should warn you that a PK is by default a clustered index, and that GUID clustered PKs just suck.
  5. The default data and log file growth rates of 1-MB and 10% respectively. Seriously, why did they change to 1-MB for the default auto-growth rate? However, the problem is – what should the defaults be? Answers on a postcard please…

These are my top-5. I hereby tag 5 my good friends (in no particular order):

Please link back here so I see when you blog.


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