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Just today, Jen McCown (blog|twitter) of the Midnight DBA team blogged about their recent poll – who in the SQL community "does it right" in terms of community involvement. What's great is that the results were just published and SQLskills has come in second to SQL Sentry for community involvement. This is great news and we're happy to see that you think so too! (especially on Valentine's Day Embarassed)

Read Paul's post about our free resources and our exclusive mailing list in this post: Community, community, community, community….

And, along the same lines – we're continuing our Community involvement (with SQL Sentry) by hosting some free evening presentations while we deliver our Master Immersion Events in Dallas. We have somewhat limited space so we've created free "tickets" that you can print for the event. If you're interested check out these events and details:

Tuesday evening (Feb 22 and Mar 15): Query Tuning with SQL Sentry Plan Explorer

Abstract: Learn how to use this revolutionary FREE tool from SQL Sentry to wrangle even the scariest query plans. This session will cover key differences between Plan Explorer and SSMS, what to look for in estimated and actual plans, and various features that will help you get the most out of the tool.

Register for this FREE event (in Dallas, TX) here: http://sqlskillstue.eventbrite.com/


Wednesday evening (Feb 23 and Mar 16): Optimizing Performance with SQL Sentry v6

Abstract: This brand new release from SQL Sentry introduces several unique and cutting edge features, including active query plan capture for heavy SQL, plan analysis using the integrated version of Plan Explorer, additional Plan Explorer features made possible by active capture, historical query plan analysis, VLF problem detection, and more.

Register for this FREE event (in Dallas, TX) here: http://sqlskillswed.eventbrite.com/ 

And, we plan to deliver a session at the North Texas SQL Server User Group on March 17 (I wonder if we can get green beer in Texas?)

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events and if none of these work for you, be sure to join our exclusive mailing list by clicking here.

Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day!

2 thoughts on “We <3 you too!

  1. Hey there Eric – I’ve got spots set-aside for Immersion Event attendees so there are definitely enough seats for everyone in the class. I’ve got a small number for external folks so those are who I hope registers!


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