Community, community, community, community…

Back when I was at Microsoft, I witnessed Steve Balmer doing his mad "Developers, developers, developers, developers!" mantra a few times. (Checkout this video of him doing it here.)

Here at, our mantra is "Community, community, community, community!".

You guys out there recognized that and voted us the #2 SQL company that's "doing it right" in Jen McCown's (blog|twitter) recent poll – results were just published.

We're very happy with that, and with the #1 company SQL Sentry who narrowly beat us for the top spot. They produce the excellent free Plan Explorer tool and are the exclusive sponsors of our first two public classes this year (read all about the cool free evening events in Dallas here).

We have a lot of stuff out there for you guys for free:

If you want to join OUR community here at, we're starting a monthly newsletter where we'll have exclusive content, advance notice of classes, plus discount codes for training and consulting. Sign-up by clicking here.

Community, community, community, community!!!!

2 thoughts on “Community, community, community, community…

  1. Paul, this Mailing List is just for classes and paid trainings?

    Or you’ll put content there too?

    I miss a place where I could just know when you have a new article published, or a webcast to watch, is this THE place?

    The Developer Seer.

  2. It’ll be for classes, training, new consulting offeing, webcasts, interviews, and some exclusive content that won’t be anywhere else.

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