SQLskills SQL101: Updating SQL Server Statistics Part II – Scheduled Updates

In last week’s post I discussed the basics of how automatic updates to statistics occur in SQL Server.  This week I want to talk about scheduled (aka manual) updates, because as you might remember, we really want to control when statistics are updated. In terms of updating statistics you have multiple options, including: Update Statistics […]

SQLskills SQL101: Updating SQL Server Statistics Part I – Automatic Updates

One of my favorite topics in SQL Server is statistics, and in my next two posts I want to cover how they are updated: either by SQL Server or by you. We’ll start with updates by SQL Server, and these happen automatically. In order for automatic updates of statistics to occur, the AUTO UPDATE STATISTICS […]

SQLskills SQL101: The SQL Server ERRORLOG

One of the most useful logs you can review when there’s a problem in SQL Server is the ERRORLOG.  It may not always be the answer to your problem, but it’s a good place to start. When you initially install SQL Server it only keeps the most recent six (6) ERRORLOG files, in addition to […]

SQLskills SQL101: Trace Flags

“You should always use trace flag X for a SQL Server install.” “Have you tried trace flag Y?” “We fixed the problem using an undocumented trace flag.” If you’re new to SQL Server, you might have heard or read some of the above statements.  If you’ve never used a trace flag, you might wonder why […]