2012 review: the year by the numbers

The last post of the year! It’s been a really excellent year all round and time for my traditional post counting down the numbers that have been my life this year.

  • 8081324 (roughly): the number of page views across my blog (up almost 10% from 2011) according to Google, from 141 countries (same as last year)
  • 104793: the number of miles I flew on United
  • 26389: my current tweet total
  • 10822: the number of emails I sent (actually slightly down from 2011)
  • 8497: the number of subscribers to our Insider mailing list
  • 5670: the number of people who follow my Twitter ramblings
  • 1186: the number of books (real, paper books) I own
  • 617: the number of books I own but haven’t read yet
  • 300: the number of mm in the lens I bought for my birthday this year
  • 181: the number of nights away from home (all with Kimberly, so not *too* bad :-)
  • 83: the number of days teaching or presenting at conferences
  • 81.8: degrees North we reached on our trip to Svalbard in July
  • 66: my current level on the Wizard101 game my kids sucked me into playing
  • 63: number of dives (taking my total to 185)
  • 59: the number of books I read (see this post)
  • 58: the number of SQLskills blog posts I wrote, including this one
  • 57: the number of flights we took
  • 49.6: the percentage of time we were away from home (which is why we call it our vacation home)
  • 42: the number of polar bears we saw during our trip to Svalbard in July
  • 40: the big four-oh, which I hit in July
  • 37: the number of new bird species I saw (taking my life total to 444)
  • 25: the number of different places we slept instead of our house
  • 16: the number of monthly magazines I subscribe to
  • 12: the number of tins of real haggis I ate this year
  • 11: the number of courses we recorded for Pluralsight
  • 7: the number of new airports I flew through
  • 6: the number of countries we visited this year
  • 4: the number of Lego models I made
  • 3: the number of new airlines I flew on
  • 2: number of awesome daughters who scuba dove with us (aged 10 and 12)
  • 1: the number of new countries I visited (Norway – taking my total to 30)
  • 1: the number of new favorite drinks: bellinis! yummy!
  • 1: funniest person I know: Joe Sack (who just became a SQL MVP – cool!)
  • 1: person who tried to teach Joe cheerleading moves on our deck: Erin Stellato (I almost died laughing…)
  • 1: the number of Jonathan Kehayias in the world (thankfully :-)
  • 1: the number of indispensable assistants, without whom our lives would be a distressing quagmire – Libby we love you!
  • Finally, the one and only best person in my life: Kimberly, without whom I would be lost…

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, follows me on Twitter, sends me questions, watches our videos, comes to our classes, and generally makes being deeply involved in the SQL community a joy.

I sincerely wish you all a happy, healthy, and properous New Year!


(Diving with the girls on the Kona Aggressor in February, courtesy of our pro-photo buddy Michele Westmorland)

11 thoughts on “2012 review: the year by the numbers

  1. An awesome year completed and, I believe, an even better year just starting. I am looking forward to more SQLskills.

  2. We are 11 Hours ahead, so waited whole day, what you are gonna share today and after reading this i just can… you the man :) Wish we can learn more from you.
    Thanks for being here on earth ;)

  3. Forsooth, haggis but no Vegemite!? Thank you (all) for all of your work. Of course, your reward for good work is … more work 8)

  4. Thank you and your team for all that you contribute! Congratulations to a great year. You are just young pup, I have 7 years on you!

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