Australia and PASS resources and wrapup

Today's our rest day here at SQL Connections and one of the things on my list is to post all the resources from our recent events.

On our Past Events page I've uploaded zip files for:

  • Kimberly's 4-day performance tuning class in Melbourne
  • My 4-day maintenance/DR class in Melbourne
  • Kimberly's pre-con at PASS on indexing
  • My post-con at PASS on disaster recovery
  • Kimberly's spotlight session on covering indexes
  • My spotlight session on logging and recovery

Speaking of PASS, what a wonderful conference it was! This year's surprise guest was Twitter – which quite changed the social dynamics of the whole event. I was really looking forward to meeting everyone I've gotten to know (virtually) since getting sucked into Twitter back in April and it was fun seeing how people looked in real life compared to their Twitter avatars. The SQL community has a vibrant Twitter presence, with lots of people (myself and Kimberly included) online and happy to help out answering questions. One of the coolest things we did was to tweet what was going on in each other's workshops, so people could follow along who weren't there. Checkout the #ktprecon and #prpostcon Twitter hash-tags for the resource links and pithy epithets from the workshops. I even managed to heckle Buck Woody in his session while I was at home – remote-heckling!

There were a bunch of events that happened too that others have blogged photos of, including the opening reception Celebrity Quiz Bowl (which Kimberly and I won), the official launch of the MVP Deep Dives charity book (which Kimberly and I edited part of), the Birds of a Feather lunch (where we hosted a table each) and Kilt-Wearing-Wednesday. Sadly, I couldn't procure a kilt to wear but I did show a picture of me wearing a kilt last year at my sister's wedding in Scotland. Maybe next year.

Now we're in Las Vegas for the Fall SQL Connections conference. I'll be posting resources from our workshops and sessions on Friday, while I'm sitting in Kimberly's post-con.

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