Recent Lego models gallery

It's been a while since I blogged about hobby stuff so I thought I'd share a few photos of recent Lego models I've made – I know quite a few of you are model nuts like me! I've included a soda can so you can get an idea of the scale of the models.

Click on all photos for a 1024×768 enlargement. Enjoy!

This is the one I've just finished – the Imperial Shuttle (set #10212, 2503 pieces).



This is one Lego made a while ago and then stopped. I was really bummed not to get it and then they suddenly started making it again. This is the Maersk Container Ship (set #10155, 990 pieces). And you can see our favorite game in the background :-)


This is the most recent shuttle model Lego has released. They made one 6-7 years ago (that I have) that has an open cargo bay with the Hubble on the end of the remote manipulator arm. This is the Shuttle Adventure (set #10213, 1204 pieces).


This is one I was sent as a gift for recommending someone to write a whitepaper for Microsoft – it's motorized and walks along. It's the AT-AT Walker (set #8129, 815 pieces).


I've also got the original Death Star (see this blog post), AT-ST Walker, and the largest set ever made – the Millenium Falcon (see this blog post).

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