Azure Training – London

I am very excited about my upcoming IEAzure class being held in London, September 10th and 11th at the Marriott in Kensington (London).

This is a content rich class covering SQL Server running on Azure Virtual Machines (Azure IaaS) as well as Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance (PaaS).

You read that correctly, we’ve expanded the IEAzure course to include Managed Instance. This module will cover what sets Managed Instance apart from on-premises SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. I’ll cover what all is needed to provision a Managed Instance (this isn’t difficult but many people don’t get it right the first time), how you can scale Managed Instance and migration strategies. You’ll learn about the performance tiers, cost of each, and what sets the tiers apart (hint: built-in HA options)

This is going to be a fun class full of demos and discussions.

If you are in the area, don’t miss this opportunity, register today

In addition to IEAzure, the SQLskills team will be in London for two weeks in September for IEPTO1,  IECAG, and IEPTO2.

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