Calling all user group leaders! I want to present for you!

Late last year SQlskills made an offer to remotely present for user groups anywhere in the world. The response was incredible. The SQLskills team has been presenting like crazy so far this year. Since I didn’t join SQLskills until January I was not part of the initial listing of potential sessions that the chapter leaders could pick from but that hasn’t stopped me from getting in on some of the fun. Over the past couple of months I have been able to remotely present for user groups in Alaska, Indiana, and Puerto Rico.

Getting first-hand experience with how rewarding it is to remotely present to areas that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to share with has made me want to have my own call for user group leaders.

If you would like me to present remotely for you during the remainder of 2015, send me an email with:

  • Details of which user group you represent
  • The usual day of the month, time, and timezone of the user group
  • Which months you have available, starting in June 2015

What’s the catch? There is no catch. We’re just stepping up our community involvement this year and I am trying to contribute like the rest of my team, plus I love presenting 🙂

I’m serious about anywhere in the world – it doesn’t matter what the timezone difference is – I’ll try to make it work.

Currently I have two sessions you can pick from.

Common SQL Server Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Making mistakes is human nature; avoiding them comes from experience and shared wisdom from others. In this session, Tim Radney will share experiences he has encountered supporting multiple Fortune-level companies. Tim will share real-world experiences of environments he has worked on and the impact he has seen from administrators not knowing how to properly configure and administer SQL Server. In this session, you will learn many accepted best practices for installing, configuring, and supporting SQL Server to help your environment run as smooth as possible. When you leave this session, you will have a checklist of items to take back to your shop to make sure your environment is configured properly.

Understanding SQL Backups and Restores
Having backups is important for organizations, but – are you sure it will restore? Too often, Tim Radney has been brought in by organizations to help recover failed systems where administrators simply didn’t know how to properly restore SQL backups. Or, where their backups didn’t restore? In this session, Tim will go through the various types of backups that can be performed as well as demonstrate the proper process for restoring each of them. This isn’t your basic session as Tim will not only be covering the common full, differential and log backups, he will also be covering partial, file group, COPY_ONLY, a URL backup and restore, encryption as well as performing a demo of a “hack attach” for the ultimate tail of the log restore.

I hope to hear from you,

One thought on “Calling all user group leaders! I want to present for you!

  1. Tim,
    Looking for a good presentation for our July 28th chapter meeting. I want to be able to announce at our SQL Saturday. Any chance you’re available?

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