Calling all user group leaders! I want to present on Managed Instances for you!

At SQLskills, we like presenting to user groups. It’s a great way to give back to our community and share things that we learn about.

Paul Randal put out a call to user group leaders earlier this year, but I’ve recently been digging deep into Azure SQL Database Managed Instance and would like to show your user group all about it. I put together a session covering some of the differences between Azure SQL Database and on-premises SQL Server to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance and presented that this week at SQLintersection. The audience really enjoyed the session and everyone was really impressed with all the functionality that Managed Instances give us.

If you would like to learn more about Azure SQL Database Managed Instance and can host a remote presentation (I can use our WebEx account), then reach out to me. I also have several other sessions I wouldn’t mind presenting to your user group. My list of sessions are:

An Introduction to Azure SQL Managed Instances
Common SQL Server Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Azure SQL Database for the Production DBA
Understanding Backup and Restore

So, calling all user group leaders! If you’d like me to present remotely for you in 2018 (or maybe even multiple times), send me an email and be sure to include:

  • Details of which user group you represent (and if sending from a shared user group account, your name)
  • The usual day of the month, meeting time, and timezone of the user group
  • Which months you have available, starting in April 2018 (a list of available dates would be ideal)
  • Whether you’d like just one or multiple sessions

Thanks and please spread the word, Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is really cool!

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