New Pluralsight course: SQL Server: Understanding Database Fundamentals (98-364)

On October 29th, 2019, Pluralsight published my latest course, SQL Server: Understanding Database Fundamentals (98-364). This makes four courses that I have done for Pluralsight. Here is the official course description:

Learn the fundamentals of designing, using, and maintaining a SQL Server database. This course is applicable to anyone preparing for the 98-364 exam: Understanding Database Fundamentals.

My goal for creating this course is to provide training for those who are just getting started with SQL Server, and as an added bonus, to help prepare individuals to pass the Microsoft certification exam 98-364.

The course starts with an overall introduction to SQL Server and the various versions and editions available. Next, I cover core database concepts that you’ll need to know when getting started with SQL Server. At this point, the viewer should have a solid understanding of what SQL Server is and how databases are used. I then cover how to create database objects and how to manipulate data. Then I shift over to data storage to discuss normalization and constraints. I conclude the course with sharing and demonstrating how to administer a database.

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