What do you mean by “unsupported”?

The last blog entry brings up the question of what I mean when I say something is "unsupported" in SQLCLR. Becuase I've said that J# is "unsupported". This doesn't mean that it won't ever work or that you couldn't actually get technical support for it, given enough time, energy, and money. Technically, its possible to […]

DROP ASSEMBLY change – just a convenience?

Looking at the Feb CTPNotes file again, there's another change that caught my eye. DROP ASSEMBLY has changed with respect to dependent assemblies. In past, you had to drop assemblies one at a time, so if assembly A called assembly B, you first dropped A then B. Now dropping A drops B automatically if B […]

SQL Server unified provider info on DataWorks’ team blog

The data access team (known as DataWorks) has started up a team blog. Some of the individual team members, like Angel Saenz-Badillos and Sushil Chordia, have been blogging for a while, this one has posts from all members. One of the first posts was information about the upcoming SqlClient and SqlServer provider unification by Pablo Castro. […]

Service Broker’s new poison message handling

In this last entry on Service Broker enhancements I inadvertantly referred to the new poison message handling as poison conversation handling. Well, maybe it wasn't so inadvertant. So what's the difference between Service Broker's poison message handling and traditional poison message handling? A poison message is a fact of life in transactional messaging. When a […]

New Service Broker features in the Feb CTP

I've been doing some experimenting with the new SQL Server Service Broker features in Feb CTP. You can read about them in the CTPNotes.doc file; I won't repeat the information here. The features are: 1. Improved Endpoint Security – authentication option NONE is not longer supported 2. DEFAULT message type and contract 3. Poison conversation […]

FOR XML…XMLSCHEMA and schema validation

When reading the CTPNotes file from the new Feb CTP build I stumbled across the fact that the XML schema that contains SQL data types (http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2004/sqltypes) is now built-in to the server. Although this may not mean much to most people, it gave me the chance to try something that Dan Sullivan thought up for […]

About the new SQLCLR TVFs

In the new Feb CTP release, how your implement a table-valued function in SQLCLR has been re-architected. This is in the readme (CTPNotes) This was done because implementing ISqlReader was quite complicated and overkill for most scenarios. Chapter 3 of our book "A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for developers" contains a very simple […]

Where ‘ya been dude?

Hi all. Not much blogging out of me lately. I’ve been on vacation and, in between, I’ve been teaching SQL Server 2005 at Microsoft Sydney to some of Australia and New Zealand’s finest, including Russell Darroch, Greg Low, Chris Hewitt and Brent Challis. During the class Greg worked up his all-encompasing trigger to prevent cataloging […]