Looking at Data-Tier Applications (DAC)? Look at version 1.1

About a week or so ago, I read a request for information about a SQL Server database management feature known as Data-Tier Applications, abbreviated as DAC (apparently someone realized that the DTA abbreviation was already "taken" in SQL Server (Database Tuning Advisor) but not that DAC was too (Dedicated Admin Connection)). Data-Tier Applications is a […]

SQL Server Security Best Practices whitepaper update is live

I've recently completed an update to the SQL Server 2005 Security Best Practices whitepaper. It's available on the security and compliance website under whitepapers or the direct link is here. Unsurprisingly, its called "SQL Server 2008 R2 Security Best Practices – Operational and Administrative Tasks". Thanks to all the folks who reviewed it. Enjoy. @bobbeauch

Getting error 2337 installing SQL Server on a VPC?

I usually have a number of different versions of SQL Server around, installed on Virtual PCs. Usually works fine. So I was a bit surprised when installing the RTM version of SQL Server 2008 R2 from the downloaded .iso file to receive error message 2337 in the middle of the install. Thinking it was something […]

Recompiling the StreamInsight CTP3 samples for 1.0 – Part 3

This posting is a journey through StreamInsight 1.0 APIs, undertaking by porting the CTP3 samples. Part 3. In the StreamInsight CTPs, there existed three methods to code applications. My original post describes the current state of Observable. That leaves us with "Explicit Server" and "Implicit Server". Coding using the "Implicit Server" method,  you'd make (basically) two main calls. You'd […]

Recompiling the StreamInsight CTP3 samples for 1.0 – Part 2

This posting is a journey through StreamInsight 1.0 APIs, undertaking by porting the CTP3 samples. Part 2. So let's update the SimulatedDataInputFactory provider, now. The problem seems to be the replacement of the interface that allows you to configure the CTI frequency. Sure enough, ITypedDeclareAdvanceTimePolicy has been replaced by ITypedDeclareAdvanceTimeProperties. In SimulatedDataInputFactory.cs 1. Change the […]

Recompiling the StreamInsight CTP3 samples for 1.0 – Part 1

This posting is a journey through StreamInsight 1.0 APIs, undertaking by porting the CTP3 samples. The first look at the errors produced by recompiling the CTP3 examples is the realization that the IObservable model for coding adapters doesn't exist in the RTM version. This is quickly confirmed with a look at a StreamInsight forum thread; […]

StreamInsight 1.0 RTM: Installation and Samples

StreamInsight V1.0 RTM'd a few weeks ago. Although I worked with it, looking especially at the infrastructure and programming models, I just installed the RTM version a few days ago. One thing I noticed immediately upon install is that it requires a license key. This is because there are different versions of StreamInsight based upon […]

A SQL Server 2008 R2 change for Service Broker

There's another change to the SQL Server database engine in SQL Server 2008 R2. This concerns poison-message handling behavior in Service Broker applications. Service broker's messaging is always transactional. A RECEIVE SQL statement is transactional and can be combined with other database operations as part of a transaction. For example, you can code a RECEIVE […]

Filestreams, Remote Blob Storage, and SQL Server 2008 R2

As long as I'm blogging about filestreams… Folks always want to know if the filestream information can be stored on a remote share. They look kind of disappointed when they hear that the filestream filegroup must exist on a local (to the SQL Server instance) drive. However… (isn't there always a however?) For SQL Server […]

Filestreams, transactions and SQL Server 2008 R2

I was under the impression that the database engine/programming model changes in SQL Server 2008 R2 were minimal and could be counted on one hand. Today I was running an old demo that I had, having to do with filestreams on the R2 Nov CTP. Usually I run this one line-by-line, but I was in […]

The StreamInsight Object Model and Observables

In the last installment about the object model, let's the at the third development style, using .NET's IObservable/IObserver. IObservable/IObserver is a new interface in .NET 4.0, the "mirror image" (to use a less controversial term) of IEnumerable/IEnumerator. A really simplistic way of thinking about it is the Enumerable/Enumarator is allowing you to pull, IObservable/IObserver is […]

Populating the ObjectModel with ImplicitServer

Now that you know the StreamInsight metadata (see inside the metadata), its fairly easy to take apart the implicit model because you already know which objects are being created for you. In the implicit development model, you: 1. Create a CepStream for input – specifying    EventType as a template parameter    Event Shape (Point, […]

Inside the StreamInsight Object Model – Metadata

The StreamInsight object model seems fairly complex at first. There's a series of choices as you progress down the development path which make things appear more complex than they are. One thing to keep in mind is, no matter how you populate it, there is only one object model that encapsulates the metadata. One way […]

DACPAC and pre-SQL Server 2008 R2 versions

I thought it was curious that in a DACPAC you can specify required version and edition of SQL Server as a deployment option. But DAC (Data-Tier Applications) is a new feature of SQL Server 2008 R2 and VS2010 data tools. So what versions and editions does it support? (or will it support?). The somewhat surprising answer […]

Upgrading maps in BI Dev Studio projects

Folks that are on early betas of products (especially private betas) are not surprised when projects are not updatable between beta versions. These limits are usually listed in the release notes, sometimes you'll just stumble across them. I'm getting back into SQL Server 2008 R2 and related features in earnest (since my presentation in Portland […]