DACFx 3.0: The new file formats

In the last posting, I talked about the differences between DACFx 3.0 and previous versions from an API point of view. This time, I'll look at the files in a DACPAC and see how those differ. DACPAC really stores a database model, that can be used to recreate the database and server (3.0 only) objects in the […]

DACFx 3.0: The new programming API

Looking at the API and at the serialized form (i.e. the DACPAC), it turns out that DACFx 3.0 is not just "DAC V-next". It's an entire quantum change from all other versions, including DAC 2.0, the version that introduced the BACPAC (serialized schema and data). This has some interesting repercussions with compatibility. Let's start with the […]

The Rest of the Story: Co-existing VS2010 and SSDT database projects

After my last adventure, I thought it would be interesting to try the "upgrade path" with SSDT and older "Database Projects" (i.e. Visual Studio for Database Professionals, or whatever the last name was before we went to the nice SSDT acronym, I always called them "Data Dude" projects after Gert Drapers, the original Data Dude). […]

Adventures in autodeploy: SQL Server 2012, SSDT, and SQLCLR

I'm the kind of person that doesn't often/always use Visual Studio "autodeploy" (that is, the "Deploy Solution" option) for SQLCLR projects. It's always been missing things (like ALTER ASSEMBLY) and never quite kept up with the newer things you could do with SQLCLR (e.g. ordered table-valued functions, multiparameter aggregates). But every once-in-a-while, especially while I'm […]