I’ve got the last talk at TechEd and its almost LAST CALL

I've been at TechEd North America in Orlando this week and have seen some amazing new things. Upcoming operating systems, new hardware, and a detailed technical followup on the Azure (cloud) announcements from last week, including some Windows Azure SQL Database (was SQL Azure) upcoming enhancements. I've spend quite a bit of time at the […]

Contents and purpose of SemanticsDB in Denali

The new Semantic Search feature of SQL Server Denali enhances full-text search by letting you do a search on the meaning of documents. To use this feature, its required that you install the SemanticsDB. The SemanticsDB ships with SQL Server or can be downloaded as part of the SQL Server Denali CTP3 Feature Pack. One […]

What’s this semantic search about anyhow?

I've been working lately with SQL Server Denali's Semantic Search feature. There's a more complete description of this feature (as well as how to set it up, its an addition to full-text indexing) in BOL, but I just wanted to summarize my one sentence "raison d'etre" for it on a function by function basis. And […]

Of filetables, full-text and semantic search, and docidmaps

SQL Server Denali's new Filetable feature and full-text search are made for each other. Set up database for non-transactional filestream access with a directory name, create a table "AS FILETABLE" with a subdirectory name, drag over a bunch of files and turn on full-text search. Voila, instant search with two predicates and two TVFs. Even […]