Watch the SqlNotificationInfo for query notifications

I've been back working with SQL Server Query Notifications again lately. This blog post stems from a problem where the query notification "appears to register correctly" but does not fire. Or registers but "fires immediately". In this case "register correctly" meant fires a QN:Subscription event to SQL Profiler. The firing of a QN:Subscription event to […]

The Internals and Troubleshooting whitepaper is available

The companion whitepaper to my "Planning, Implementing, and Administering Scaleout Solutions with SQL Server 2005" whitepaper (see yesterday's post) is available. This whitepaper is called "Internals, Troubleshooting, and Best Practices for use of Scaleout Technologies in SQL Server 2005", with as much about internals as I could cram in 50 pages. Again, I don't have […]

The first of my scaleout whitepapers is available

I've been working on some whitepapers on scaleout technologies in SQL Server 2005. The first whitepaper is now available; I don't have the main link, but here is the direct link to the doc file on the Microsoft download site. The whitepaper is about the implementation steps when using scaleout technologies like Service Broker, Scalable Shared […]

One Service/Queue per Query Notification, please

Last week at TechEd I was showing off Query Notifications. When I showed using the preprovisioned queue (overloads on SqlDependency.Start and SqlDependency constructor), a delegate asked about using the same queue with more than one subscriber. He repeated the question when I showed the low-level SqlNotificationRequest. I did some tests over the weekend and the […]

Pre-provisioning and SqlDependency

In helping out with a project involving ASP.NET 2.0's cache sync feature, which has best performance when built on SQL Server 2005's Query Notifications, I was asked if there was a way to "pre-provision" the queue, service, and stored procedure that cache sync needs. The concern was that the connection string to start up the […]

About SCHEMAs and setting up Query Notifications

I've answered a few questions lately on setting up SqlDependency or ASP.NET SQL Server dependency with SQL Server 2005. Folks have gone by the instructions on the DataWorks Weblog posting and still receive the error "either schema dbo does not exist or you do not have permission to access it". This is caused by the […]

What’s the SqlDependency doing now?

I'm headed out on the road. For quite a while. Wanted to settle this before I went. Looks like the implementation details of SqlDependency have changed a bit. Even since the September CTP (where they added SqlDependency.Start and Stop). Stop and Start control the (new) internal listener. Start also sets up a stored procedure and […]

The demise of the dispatcher proc

I've been wondering what happened to the QueryNotification dispatcher proc that's used by SqlDependency in ADO.NET (and in ASP.NET with SQL Server 2005). The one that I wrote about in one of my MSDN articles. Lately, although the dispatcher proc and assembly didn't show up in MSDB, the function kept working. I wondered why, how, […]

SqlNotificationRequest changes

In the April CTP of .NET 2.0, I chanced upon some changes to SqlNotificationRequest, using my favorite tool, .NET Reflector and my one my favorite investigative techniques, called “follow the error message”. It turns out that two properties in SqlNotificationRequest the id and Service properties are about to be replaced. They still work but are […]

Query Notification Article on MSDN online

Last week I promised some of my students that I had an article in the works on the intricacies of SQL Server 2005/.NET 2.0 Query Notifications, both from a server implementation and client consumer point of view. Yesterday I found out that the article “shipped” to (was officially posted on) the website. You can find it […]

On SELECT statements and SqlDependency

There have been a number of questions recently (well OK, three) on the beta newsgroups about SqlDependency problems. It's been suggested that SqlDependency doesn't work in Whidbey Beta 1. The reason for this is that SqlDependency (and, of course, its lower-level cousin SqlNotificationRequest) requires a “valid” notify-able SQL query to work. What's a “valid”  notify-able query […]

Killing a pesky query notification subscription

Just when I thought I'd found all the new cool features. An Ascend Phase 1 participant once asked me “can the DBA get rid of unwanted query notification subscriptions”? In Beta2 you can. SELECT * FROM sys.dm_qn_subscriptions — pick the ID of the subscription that you want, then — say its ID = 42 KILL […]