Sync Services and SQL Server 2008 Change Tracking…a perfect match?

Just saw Aaron Bertrand's post from PASS on SQL Server 2008 Change Tracking vs Change Data Capture (change data capture (or CDC) is in the current CTP; change tracking is not). I'm not at PASS this week myself, but home while the house is being re-roofed. His post seems to confirm something I'd suspected all along. Change tracking […]

More info on SQLCE 3.5 beta and LINQ and EDM support

I received mail today from the SQL Server Compact Edition folks at Microsoft on my blog post on using SQL Server CE 3.5 beta, Visual Studio Beta 2, LINQ, and EDM. The current plan is: 1. Visual Studio 2008 will not ship with LINQ to SQLCE designer support. SQLMetal works just fine with SQLCE, though, […]

Using LINQ to SQL and EDM with SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5

I've been trying out LINQ for SQL and the Entity Data Model (EDM) latest betas with some "different" data sources. This post covers using SQLCE 3.5. The latest version of SQLCE 3.5 comes with Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. Using SQLCE 3.5 data sources doesn't work with the built-in LINQ for SQL designer in Visual […]

SQL Server Compact Edition – newest stuff – SQLCE and entities

SQLCE 3.5 comes with an ADO.NET data provider that supports entities, by supporting the ADO.NET 3.5 entity data model (EDM). I noticed this in Orcas March CTP with the inclusion of a new DLL, System.Data.SqlCe.Entities. Although the DLL was there, there was no support in Visual Studio for any provider but SqlClient, and trying to […]

SQL Server Compact Edition – newest stuff – sync services

One of the latest developments in the SQLCE space is the beta for ADO.NET Sync Services. Sync Services ships as a standalone download, runnable on Visual Studio 2005 and is also built-in to Visual Studio Orcas. Both versions require a new version of SQLCE, version 3.5. This runs side-by-side with SQLCE 3.1, although both version's […]

SQL Server Compact Edition – additional pieces

So now that I've found SQLCE and know which version I have, what can I do with it besides use the ADO.NET and OLE DB APIs? Well, turns out I need some auxiliary pieces. If you use 3.0, the pieces "come with", but when you upgrade to 3.1, you need to upgrade these. I must […]

SQL Server Compact Edition – versions and installed locations

As part of a project, I've had occasion to look at the SQL Server Compact Edition in earnest. Although I've taken a cursory glance before this, its my first attempt to put all the pieces into place. So I thought I'd write it down as I went along. SQL Server Compact Edition's original name was […]