More XEvents in SQL Server 2014 CTP1 – don’t wait any longer

Don’t get me wrong, there’s almost no one who enjoys a good SQL Profiler diagnostic trace more than I do. But, starting in the early CTPs of SQL Server 2008, I’ve become impressed with the diagnostic enablement afforded through Extended Events. Enough to hack through that first beta (sans docs, with only metadata) and blog […]

Choosing Paths for Selective XML Index – Part 2 – Using the SXI XEvents

In part 1 of this series, we tried a simple example from the Books Online without any SXI index at all, and an SXI with all the paths covered. No XEvents were emitted in either case. Now let’s change the XSI around (by dropping and recreating, although we could use ALTER, so envision a drop […]

Using WMI and SQL Agent Alerts (part 2)

This one ought to be titled "Your error message is such a tease". I've always liked the fact that SQL Server 2005 error messages are verbose (modulo security considerations for login error for example). I always point out at least one during classes, start to read the message…and about 50 words or so later, tell students […]

Using WMI and SQL Agent Alerts (part 1)

Lately I've been working on using WMI events in conjunction with SQLAgent alerts and jobs to notify operators, queue up notifications for the DBA's resolution offline, and other uses. Setting up the alert and the job is fairly straightforward, where I stumbled at first is referencing WMI variables (and even knowing what variables were available) […]

For all you XML-phobes that lke DDL triggers and Event Notifications

After speaking yesterday and recanting my story (for about the 100th time) about EventData being XML as a “nefarious plot” to require DBAs to learn XML, I wrote this fairly simple XQuery (actually dead simple XPath) function to change EventData into a rowset. It works based on the fact that you’ve deposited EventData into a […]