They did it! Relative paths in SSMS projects

For a long time I’ve been griping that SSMS projects (SQL Server Script projects) use absolute pathnames rather than relative paths. I didn’t think it was going to be fixed, I’d received a reply “this works as expected”. This week, as I was explaining to students why they had the put the SSMS projects in […]

A Second Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers

I’ve heard rumblings on various newsgroups that our book “A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers” is getting a little long in the tooth in some topics. Features got postponed in the client area, some syntax changed, the managed providers were combined, and so forth. I’ve been reporting on changes via this blog and […]

XML Schema for the truly lazy

Here's something I've noticed you can do with SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. Take a set of XML documents with the same basic structure. Load one into Visual Studio 2005. Click on the XML menu, Create XML Schema. Make any refinements to the XML schema that is produced that you want, based on […]

Combined provider: transactions and the return of 6522

With April CTP came the new combined managed provider replaces System.Data.SqlServer with a new improved, works in-process or out, System.Data.SqlClient. I just call it “the combined provider” now. People that didn’t work on the betas will look at me funny when the product RTMs; “was there ever anything other than System.Data.SqlClient?”. Why yes, Virginia… With […]

Go ahead, make a validation mistake…

One of the nice surprises in the April CTP is that SQL Server 2005 XML schema validation errors come with a location now. That's handy. Here's an example: Msg 6926, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 XML Validation: Invalid simple type value: '1134'. Location: /*:Invoice[1]/*:LineItems[1]/*:LineItem[1]/*:Sku[1] Even better would be a line and column number that […]

DataDirect providers…and some ADO.NET 2.0 beta2 changes

Realized that I haven't blogged in a while. I been …uh…working on stuff and traveling a lot lately. Big surprise, right? This week I'll be on vacation. Traveling. Now I understand what the term “busman's holiday“ means. Last weekend I had dinner with Rob Steward of DataDirect Technologies at his house. The ribs were great (thanks […]

TechEd 2005 – I’ll be there too

Saw another Kent post on TechEd 2005. I’ll be there too (mixed marketing slogan message with SQLPass). I’m doing a talk on “SQLCLR vs. T-SQL: Best Practices for Development in the Database”. Some folks on newgroups lately think that Microsoft may have mis-positioned this feature a bit. I disagree with this assessment. Come to the talk and see […]

SQLPass – I’ll be there

Catching up on blog-reading. Kent Tegels wondered if I was speaking at SQLPass Community Summit. Yep, I am. I’m doing a 2-day pre-con on (what else) What’s new in SQL Server 2005 for developers. Also a tutorial session on XQuery for the “main conference”. I got “rained out” (to put it mildly) at last year’s […]

How to make a DBA smile

Speaking of SQL Profiler brought this to mind. The number one feature that brings a smile to every DBA's face: GRANT ALTER TRACE TO [somedev] No longer do you have to listen to developers ask “make me SA so I can run the trace”. Actually, brings a smile to devs too, no longer do they have […]

Mailing the graphic showplan to a friend

I've always liked the graphic showplan in SQL Server query analyzer. The biggest hassle with it came when you wanted to send the plan to a friend. Or maybe MS support, but support is your friend too… right? You could send screenshots (which had the annoying habit of never displaying those hover-over stats) or go back […]