New samples; Calling Oracle from SQLCLR

I think I got my December update too early. There's an update of the SQL Server 2005 samples on the downloads website. I have (thought I had) the December update, this one actually says "Date published 1/4/2006" and its 20mb instead of the old once (just under 16mb). The site says: Since its original release, […]


I've always been slightly puzzled by the permission "EXECUTE" on an XML SCHEMA COLLECTION. Say I have an XML SCHEMA COLLECTION named MySchemas and a table that uses it: CREATE TABLE MyDocuments (   id INT PRIMARY KEY IDENTITY,   thexml XML (MySchemas) ) And suppose I have a user named FRED that I grant access […]

Using System.Configuration.dll in .NET sprocs and UDFs

System.Configuration.dll was the last assembly added to the "SQL Server 2005 approved assembly" list, that is, the list of BCL assemblies approved for SQL Server consumption. These are loaded from the GAC, rather than having to be explicitly added to the database by the user. System.Configuration was added SO late that it doesn't show up in […]

Ownership chains and .NET procedure data access code

Dynamic SQL executed in a stored procedure executes by default using the security context of the CALLER of the procedure rather than the OWNER. That's the way SQL Server has always worked, and although SQL Server 2005 lets you EXECUTE AS OWNER (among other choices), EXECUTE AS CALLER is still the default. So how does […]