What IS ADO.NET vNext anyway?

I did a talk yesterday at TechEd Hong Kong on ADO.NET vNext. Most of them just wanted to know what ADO.NET vNext was about. Short and sweet. Here goes… There are two main new features: 1. Entity data model (EDM) – a mapping of objects over relational database to bring data access to a higher […]

SQL Server service accounts and privileges

When installing previous versions of SQL Server, I'd always keep a list of the exact privileges that a SQL Server service account would need. I'd make up a new user and give them exactly these rights. The SQL Server installation program would grant the appropriate permissions during the install, and I'd be set. Principle of […]

Who uses MARS? ADO.NET vNext, that’s who.

There was a newsgroup discussion recently about the intricacies of Multiple Active Resultsets in SQL Server 2005, and one of the questions that came up was "Who actually needs/uses MARS anyway"? I've been taking a much closer look at ADO.NET vNext lately, one reason being that I'm doing a talk on it at TechEd Hong […]

SQL Server 2005 – Value For Every Business Demos

Thanks to those who came to my webcast today on SQL Server 2005. Between this webcast and the other upgrading webcasts that are available on the Technet event website and the MSDN event website, you should have a pretty good idea about why you need to upgrade to SQL Server 2005. If you haven’t done […]

Clustering Whitepaper for SQL Server 2005 available now

I've noticed that, as more companies want to run SQL Server applications 24x7x365 interest of clustering has increased dramatically. One of the most asked-for papers about SQL Server 2005 is an update to the clustering whitepaper. Well, its available NOW; an over-100 page treatise by Allan Hirt and Dave Whitney. It covers not only clustering […]