Another behavior that follows schemas, query plan reuse

When I discuss separation of users and schemas in SQL Server 2005, I usually think of ownership chains (that follow the object owner which is always the schema owner unless you change it) or object resolution (which now goes: special name, then default_schema/procedure schema, then DBO). Another item that now follows schemas rather than users […]


Quite a while ago, someone (I forget who) was soliciting opinions on whether or not LINQ and ADO.NET vNext EDM should be able to run "in process", in other words should be useable in SQLCLR procedures. Here's one perspective, and a question. LINQ and Entity SQL are QUERY languages. Although they might be able to […]

Barcelona, here I come

Haven’t written in a while. I’ve been back from Hong Kong for a few weeks (had a fantastic time, thanks folks), and, a few days later, contracted the (American) flu that’s been going around here. Just getting over it. Also, I’ve been busy working on some whitepapers that will come out (relatively) soon. I’ll announce […]