Some questions and answers on plan guides

Thought I'd answer one last question or two from the last time I did the talk on SQL Server 2005 plan guides. If you're asking at this point "what is a plan guide", reference the SQL Server 2005 BOL or this blog entry. Q. Can you use a plan guide on an encrypted procedure? I want to put […]

Does sp_dropuser “do the right thing” with schemas?

Here's another blog posting to answer a question from over a month ago. With separation of users and schemas, its known that the CREATE USER DDL statement without a DEFAULT_SCHEMA parameter assigns a DEFAULT_SCHEMA of dbo. Which the new user usually has no access to. And that sp_adduser, for backward compatibility, will CREATE a SCHEMA […]

Using SQLCLR functions in indexed views

It's been over a month since I've blogged, confirmed by the previous blog entry when "it's sunny in Barcelona". Thought I'd blog about a question that someone wrote to ask me a few weeks ago. What are the limitations/requirements for using a SQLCLR function in an indexed view (aka materialized view)? Some of the requirements came from […]