The “5 things…” blog chain letter

Peter DeBetta recently tagged me in what is called “blog tag”. When I described it to Mary, she named it “blog chain letter” and said I should ignore it. But it got me thinking. Although I run my mouth often and have some fairly weird stories, here’s 5 things you may not know about me. […]

The Internals and Troubleshooting whitepaper is available

The companion whitepaper to my "Planning, Implementing, and Administering Scaleout Solutions with SQL Server 2005" whitepaper (see yesterday's post) is available. This whitepaper is called "Internals, Troubleshooting, and Best Practices for use of Scaleout Technologies in SQL Server 2005", with as much about internals as I could cram in 50 pages. Again, I don't have […]

The first of my scaleout whitepapers is available

I've been working on some whitepapers on scaleout technologies in SQL Server 2005. The first whitepaper is now available; I don't have the main link, but here is the direct link to the doc file on the Microsoft download site. The whitepaper is about the implementation steps when using scaleout technologies like Service Broker, Scalable Shared […]

XQuery 1.0 et al are now W3C recommendations

Michael Rys (and who would know better/sooner about this) just announced on his blog that XQuery 1.0 and associated specs (including XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0) are now official W3C recommendations. Congratulations to the working group on this. The specification process is also underway for a standard XQuery Update Facility and XQuery/XPath Full-Text query facility. The […]

A Draft of my SSIS Connectivity Whitepaper is available

The SQL Server 2005 Integration Services team has posted a draft of my SSIS Connectivity Whitepaper on their connectivity wiki at (note the change in the address of the wiki site). It addresses the details of using OLE DB, ADO.NET, and others with SSIS and the database/data source of your choice. Check it out. If you’ve […]