My SQL Server security best practices whitepaper is available

For folks that have been asking…my latest whitepaper "SQL Server 2005 Security Best Practices – Operational and Administrative Tasks" was posted on the Technet website this week. It also covers the nuances of security when using SQL Server SP2 and Vista. Enjoy!

A bonus talk for Belgian SQL Server user group next week

Next week (28-29 Mar) I’ll be doing some talks on SQL Server 2005 and ADO.NET vNext at DevDays Belgium in Ghent. On 28 Mar, I’ll also be doing a special additional talk on SQL Server 2005 Event Notifications (including a cross-database notification demo) for the Belgian SQL Server user group at the event. If you’re a registered member […]

Two things you can’t do in SQLCLR

Since SQL Server 2005 was introduced with .NET programming support, folks have been trying to push the boundaries of what can be used in SQLCLR or at least trying to determine where those boundaries are. Here's two things that, as far as I know, can't be done in SQLCLR. 1. Use dynamically generated code. The […]

Using stored procedures with EDM ObjectServices in the March CTP (with code)

One thing that I thought was particularly interesting in the Orcas Mar CTP was support for stored procedures. This support exists in LINQ to SQL and EDM ObjectServices; I thought I'd start with ObjectServices. There almost no documentation on this topic at this point, about half a page with an incomplete mapping schema example. That's […]