Powershell and SQL Server’s 2008 SMO – the reprise

In the last few years, I've done a few talks at various conferences on the integration of SMO (SQL Server Management Objects) and Powershell. My friend and co-author of the SQL Server 2005 books, Dan Sullivan, got me into using Powershell and SMO and has written quite a number of excellent blog entries and articles about it. […]

Sparse tables, sparse columns, and XML

I've been talking with folks for (it seems like) a long time about modeling sparse attributes in a relational database. Seems like I run into a new design where there's a need for sparse attributes every few weeks. If you remember the "hardware store" example (where each new sales item may have unqiue properties), that's just […]

Spatial Data, a niche or a tool for the masses?

I'll have to admit it, when I first saw that SQL Server 2008 was adding spatial data support, I thought of it as a niche. The province of geographers, cartographers, and maybe a few others. Complex, involving a lot of higher mathematics, each province having their own geographic encoding, and so on… And that level […]

Using the SQL Server 2008 UDTs on clients

A couple of people have been asking and, in preparing for my upcoming talk on spatial data on SQL Server 2008 at ITForum in Barcelona in a few weeks I got to ask about using the new system UDTs types on the client. In an upcoming CTP release there will be an MSI installer file specifically to install […]