Heading off to SQLConnections

I’m heading off to SQLConnections in Orlando early tomorrow morning. I’ll see starting with a preconference “Day of SQL Server 2008 for Developers” and covering, well, every new feature that could interest a developer. I’ll also being doing a series of talks about everything from Spatial data support to Extended Events to PowerShell in SQL Server […]

Converting an EAV design to sparse columns and populating

One of the uses for sparse columns will likely be replacing entity-attribute-value designs. In an EAV design, the "sparse attribute" values are represented by a separate table. The attribute value can either be declared as (n)varchar or sql_variant. An example I've always used is the hardware store that wants to keep track of its products […]

Getting an activity ID with Extended Events

It's easier than you'd think… When you use the SQL Server 2008 CREATE EVENT SESSION DDL statement with extended events, you specify: Events to be captured (e.g. sqlserver.error_reported) Actions to be fired to add more information (e.g. sqlserver.sql_text) Predicates for conditional capture (e.g. where sqlserver.error_reported.error = 547) Event target to collect the events (e.g. package0.ring_buffer) […]

SqlClient, System.Transactions, SQL Server 2008, and MARS

It appears that there are some changes in .NET 3.5 System.Transactions (or System.Transactions.dll and System.Data.dll version 2.0.50727.1433 if you're looking at assembly versions). Florin Lazar blogs about a change to the syntax here. And Alazel Acheson blogs about changes to SqlClient changes to accomodate using lightweight transactions with less promotion to distributed transactions in the ADO.NET Team blog. […]