Demos for Portland SQL Server user group talk on SQL Server spatial

For attendees of last Thursday’s talk on SQL Server Spatial for the masses, the demo code is located here. Thanks for coming and for your participation!

How do you shutdown a running SQLCLR appdomain?

When SQL Server creates a CLR appdomain to run code in (a runtime appdomain as noted in the previous blog entry), the appdomain normally stays in place for the lifetime of SQL Server. This is done to save appdomain create/teardown and assembly load time. Note that DDL appdomains, as opposed to runtime appdomains, are torn down […]

DDL appdomains appear in SQL Server log in SQL Server 2008

.NET (and therefore SQLCLR) divides up running its code (even within the same process like the sqlserver.exe process) into appdomains. The appdomain is like a lightweight process used to enforce isolation between running .NET code within the same Windows process. SQLCLR (.NET code running in SQL Server) uses appdomains to isolate execution of .NET code […]

I’m speaking at Portland SQL Server Users Group next Thursday

I’ve been able to coordinate being home and the Portland (Oregon) SQL Server user group’s meeting schedule, so next week I’ll be speaking “at home” for a change. I’m giving a talk on one of my favorite features for developers in SQL Server 2008, Spatial Data support. Because it’s relatively common these days to see […]

Programming SQLRegistration in the SQL Server PowerShell Provider

I've noticed that some folks have written PowerShell scripts that execute against a list of servers. In the scripts, they read the names of the servers from XML files. But the SQL Server PowerShell provider in RC0 has a useful "component" called SQLRegistration; its "path" is SQLSERVER:\SQLRegistration that they can use instead. This path permits enumeration […]

Using PowerShell to program SQL Server’s Policies and Data Collection

I received a question today about whether I'd converted my Policy-Based Management examples using SMO (see the multi-part "Programming Policy-Based Management with SMO" series, starting here) from C# to PowerShell yet. I did do this a while ago; they're available as a script download on the SQLskills website (look on the "Past Conferences" page under TechEd […]