SQL Server 2008 and TokenAndPermUserStore

In the past year or so, a few installations had begun to experience problems with the SQL Server 2005 security cache (aka TokenAndPermUserStore) growing too large over time. Some manifestations are connection and query timeouts and queries that take a long time. The folks at PSS published the canonical blog entry about this problem, including […]

SQLCLR interop between SQL Server versions and Visual Studio multi-targeting

A friend of mine was asking about the affect of multi-targeting in Visual Studio 2008 on SQLCLR. For an explanation of how multi-targeting works, reference David Kean's blog entry on Visual Studio 2008 multi-targeting and FXCop. I happened to have an instance of SQL Server 2005 RTM (which uses .NET framework version 2.0.50727.42) on hand […]

SQLCLR default procedure parameters scripts correctly by SSMS and SMO 2008

Although being able to use a GUI tool like SQL Server Management Studio is a nice feature by itself, it's unusual that fixing something in a GUI makes a feature (that hasn't changed) more useable. The "feature" is defaults on SQLCLR procedure parameters. You can't have defaults on parameters in .NET, but you can specify […]

Speaking on Extended Events at SQL Server User Group

Extended Events is one of my favorite SQL Server 2008 features and I’ll be speaking about how to use them for problem diagnosis, at the Portland (Oregon) SQL Server User’s Group’s September meeting. Check out http://www.pdxvbug.com/pdxuser.asp for details. Meeting is 6:30 on Thursday Sept 25. See you there.

On hinting spatial indexes and query complexity

After reading Isaac's recent blog posting about spatial queries and index hinting, I thought I might add some information based on a query I was working with this week. Sometimes if you have a query that's too syntactically complex, hinting won't work. In these cases you can cause the index to be used (or at least […]