Post Conference(s)

End of the conference season 2008. At least for me, my friends in Belgium are looking forward to their SQL Server Day, coming up soon. I was able to catch up with a lot of friends at TechEd EMEA ITForum, TechEd EMEA for Developers, and SQLPASS, including some folks I hadn't seen in years. Just […]

Secrets, hints, and tips for SQL Server Extended Events

I've been doing talks and demos on SQL Server 2008 Extended Events for a while now, it's one of my favorite parts of the product. Per session waitstats, SQL stack, built-in system health session, what's not to like? Before my talk at TechEd EMEA for IT Professionals last week (which went really well), I discovered something that […]

Using the spatial index diagnostic stored procedures

I remember hearing during the SQL Server 2008 beta that there would be diagnostic stored procedures that would produce information about spatial indexes and help in troubleshooting why an index was not being used. In addition, these procedures would help in determining the best spatial index. A few weeks ago I had the good fortune […]