Latest column on data access and perf available

My latest MSDN column is available in the August issue and called "How Data Access Affects Database Performance". It was inspired by a problem that one of my DBA friends noticed in the database that could only be fixed by changing the data access code. I noticed that there were two articles in the issue […]

At the user group…auditing and sys.fn_get_audit_file

I really enjoyed speaking at the Portland SQL Server User Group meeting last night about SQL Server security…and I have an update. We were talking about the supposed inability of auditing to audit usage of sys.fn_get_audit_file, the system function that reads an audit log. Raul Garcia of the SQL Server team had the answer. "For the […]

Spatial Indexes and ANSI JOIN – ON syntax

During a talk about spatial indexes and performance last week, I was surprised by a question about using ANSI-92 JOIN – ON syntax in spatial queries. I'd coded: SELECT * FROM geonames.dbo.geonames g JOIN Sample_USA.dbo.Counties c   ON g.GEOG.STIntersects(c.geog) = 1 WHERE c.ID = 1569 Later I learned that the question was prompted by the […]

Thanks for the nice blog comments I’ve been remiss in approving

Went through 2 years worth of blog entries looking for comments to approve. Sorry that I've been remiss in doing that. I have to approve every comment "by hand" and we'd been getting a lot of spam comments, so I've been putting it off. I'll approve anything that doesn't look like spam so if you […]

ESRI User Conference and MapIt

Last week I attended my first-ever ESRI conference in San Diego. Although the "star of the show" was version 9.3.1 and the upcoming version 9.4 of the ARCGIS series of products, I most enjoyed the presentations about the new ESRI MapIt product. This product is a collection of tools and toolkits to allow import, preparation, […]

At the Portland SQL Server User Group this month

This month I'll be presenting a session for the Portland SQL Server User Group. I'll be discussing and demonstrating the new security features in SQL Server 2008 with a post-talk Q&A about SQL Server security in general. I've also got some swag to raffle off. See you on the fourth Thursday!

At the ESRI user conference next week

Just got a mail message from an old friend who asked why I'd dropped out of sight in the past month of so. I've been in "extended partial vacation mode" for the last month or so and haven't blogged in a while. But I'm "still alive and well" (Johnny Winter was at the Portland blues […]