How’s about a map on your SSRS report?

When I downloaded SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP2 last week, I went right by (for now) the cool Gemini features and even Multi Server Management and went straight for the new SSRS Map Control. After explaining the SQL Server 2008 spatial data types, the spatial methods, and SRIDs to folks until they glazed  over, and […]

Microsoft Complex Event Processing platform is called StreamInsight

And a CTP is available now. I first heard of the .NET Complex Event Processing engine at this year's TechEd. Until lately, all we had to go on was Torsten Grabs' TechEd presentation and a whitepaper that gave a fairly high-level overview of its purpose and architecture. And, oh, it was to be released as […]

Upcoming improvements in EDM T-SQL code generation

I'm always thought that what makes or breaks any ORM layer for use in any but the simplest of applications is the underlying SQL code that's generated. In fact, I'm a proponent of using stored procedures with any ORM for best performance. So it was with great interest that I came across the blog posting […]

Make KML documents from SQL Server’s geography data type

Today I posted the code to a projcect I've been working on, a library that creates KML documents from SQL Server 2008 geography instances or queries. It's called SQLServerToKML and is available on CodePlex here. There's no releases as such yet, just the library and a rudimentary document showing how to us it. Hope it's […]

MapPoint Add-In For SQL Server Spatial shipped

Last week, Microsoft released the MapPoint 2009 Add-In for SQL Server 2008 Spatial. You can get it here. This add in allows you to add layers to the map from queries against SQL Server spatial geography columns. It's more of an entry level mapping program that an IT-level (like the ESRI offerings) mapping program. You can […]