Two of the coolest demos in the last month

Everyone is still recovering from the November conference weeks (reminds me of sweeps week on TV). As a "SQL guy" the conferences in the last three weeks that would interest me include: SQLPASS-US, SQL Connections, TechEd Europe, PDC, and SQLBits. Why folks insist on holding all of them in the same three week period is […]

And the secret word for tonight is…

No, the secret word for tonight is not "mudshark", although it does begin with the letter M. It's modeling. SQL Server data can be modeled in a variety of ways and, after the last few weeks, there's even more. When I think of relational database modeling, I think of the IDEF1X language and visual modeling […]

Guide to the Data Development Platform for .NET Developers whitepaper available

I've been busy for the last few weeks putting together a "manifesto" whitepaper about the .NET-based data access stacks and also the possibilities for .NET programmers in the SQL Server product itself. The whitepaper's direct link is here, although its also available via both the MSDN Data Developer Center and the SQL Server 2008 Application Development website. […]

My MSDN Column on Visualizing Spatial Data is available

My latest MSDN magazine column on Visualizing Spatial Data is out in the Novemeber issue. It covers three ways to visualize SQL Server 2008 spatial data: SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services Map Control ESRI MapIt Version 1.0 MapPoint Add-In for SQL Server 2008 Interestingly because the lead times are rather long for the column, […]

TechEd Europe demos posted to website

I had a great time at TechEd Europe in Berlin last week. Spent a lot of time in the SQL Server booth, meeting, greeting, and answering questions. It was nice to see you'all again. Monday evening I had the occasion to be a part of the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's falling. Wednesday night, […]

SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP3 arrives (with MDS)

Last night (here in Europe) I started to receive notices about SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP3 being available for MSDN/Technet customers. Among the list of nice features (especially surrounding PowerPivot and SSRS see Teo's nice summary here) is the first release of SQL Server Master Data Services. I'm especially interested in the fuzzy matching and data […]

TechEd Europe Day 1

I've been remiss, October 2009 was the first month with no blog entries in a long while. I'm been heads down, working on some projects that will come to fruition soon. And there's also the freak "leaf recycle bin accident" that's left be on my back for most of last week. But this week…I'm traveling. […]