The “other fullglobe feature” in SQL Server Denali

Now about that "other" feature that could be called fullglobe in Denali that I mentioned. I don't know which feature will retain the moniker or whether they both will…that's why I'm not in marketing. Here's the deal… the SQL Server spatial geography type is limited to a single hemisphere in size in SQL Server 2008 […]

New curve types in SQL Server Denali are now in OGC spec

Once upon a time, I wrote a blog entry about CircularString, CompoundCurve, and CurvePolygon (the new geometric types supported in Denali). And mentioned that they came from ISO-ANSI SQL/MM and weren't in the OGC spec. Well, lo and behold, while browsing the latest OGC Simple Features – Part 1 spec, the last incantation (version 1.2.1) […]

Measuring the earth with SQL Server Denali

So what's the area of the earth? Well…depends on who's measurement you want to use. There an interesting SQL Server Denali spatial feature known as fullglobe. Actually there's two features with that name, more later; I was using the FULLGLOBE geometric type (geometric type is the term used by OGC, this one only works with SQL […]

SQL Server Denali – the new autogrid spatial index

I've been trying out the new Denali "AUTO_GRID" spatial index (that is …USING GEOGRAPHY_AUTO_GRID or GEOMETRY_AUTO_GRID in the CREATE SPATIAL INDEX DDL) on some of my old spatial performance use cases. It's worth repeating (from Ed's excellent whitepaper) that the AUTOGRID index uses 8 levels of tessellation instead of the 4 levels that the original […]

The interesting case of TVPs and plan compilation

A couple of people reported problems with SQL Server 2008's table-valued parameters and it eventually got back to me. Had to try it out. The reported problem is that there's a plan compile each time TVPs are used from ADO.NET. Interestingly, when the same statements are executed from SSMS (which is an ADO.NET client program), […]

SQL Server Denali – FTS on properties, the cheap demo

So here's a cheap demo of FTS property search in Denali. For the motivation for this feature, see the previous blog entry. I'm a minimalist (minimalism is a teaching aid), so its just the basics. In some places, I may be doing more than is minimally required for clarity. First off, I didn't use the […]

SQL Server Denali – FTS on properties, the motivation

Years after its inception, I think I've figured out what WinFS was supposed to do. It sometime takes me a while. I got a new mp3 player (I don't have appliances at my house with cute monikers that start with the letter "i") and wondered why it sometime played songs "out of order". I like […]

Loading spatial data into SQL Server – SAFE Software Webinar

Safe Software, the premier spatial data transformation and loading vendor for SQL Server, has long been known for it flagship FME Desktop and FME Server products (that include a spatial workbench for transformation and loading, support a ton of spatial formats, SSIS integration, and more). But did you know that they've just introduced an affordable, […]