The Denali XEvent SMO library

I've been looking at the Extended Event library and PowerShell provider "directory" in Denali and decided that I like it. It's a traditional SMO set of classes, which means there's not a whole lot new to learn. All the SMO libraries connect to a "store" using either an integrated security default connection or an SqlStoreConnection. […]

XEvent in Denali – When an error number isn’t error anymore

I've been going through the XEvents in Denali CTP1 in a fairly rigorous amount of detail, looking for what's changed and specifically for breaking changes. Running all my old event sessions… found one. One (well OK, quite a few) of my "for illustration" XEvent Sessions have a predicate that looks at the error number for […]

I’m speaking at DevDays NL at end of April

You may have wondered what happened to the technical blog entries lately. Since January (and actually including January) its been constant traveling. In the month of March, this included conferences/seminars in Stockholm, London, Redmond, and Orlando. It's always nice to meet up with old friends and make new ones at these events. But its not […]