What appears in DMVs for SQLCLR?

A variation of the following question came up in a mail list that I’m on. Can you see currently executing SQLCLR code statements (i.e. the underlying C# code) in any of the sys.dm_exec… DMVs? Or anywhere else? This turned out to be more interesting than I thought. As far as the engine internals are concerned, […]

Some idiosyncrasies in SQL Server service and service user group names

In doing research for the Service SID posting, I encountered some odd things about service names, service user group names and services. I said I'd write about these; this is the followup post. Most of the information about Windows Services, Service Accounts, and user groups that are created for SQL Server services (for security purposes) […]

About SQL Server’s usage of Service SIDs

A couple of weeks ago at DevDays Netherlands, I struggled a bit with a demo that was relatively straightforward in SQL Server 2008 running under Windows Server 2003 R2, but has an interesting twist in SQL Server running under Windows Server 2008. The interesting twist is based around the fact that SQL Server 2008 and above use […]