Using filetable with full-text? Lose the redundant index

I'm not sure how many full-text search over filetable demos I've seen (including some I've written that I was just perusing), that do something like this. CREATE TABLE foo AS FILETABLE WITH (FILETABLE_DIRECTORY = N'ftdir'); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX fooidx ON foo(stream_id); CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ON foo (file_stream TYPE COLUMN file_type) KEY INDEX fooidx; After looking […]

Using filestream, streaming I/O and SQL logins with impersonation

A number of months ago, I wrote an article using the SQL Server filestream feature programmatically. I've gotten a number of inquiries since from folks who *need* to login to SQL Server using SQL logins (often the same SQL login for everyone), but want to access the stream using streaming I/O (e.g. SqlFileStream data type). […]

Extended Events in Windows Azure SQL Database

Continued from the previous post, "Some new/upcoming Windows Azure SQL Database DMVs and diagnostics"… Read that one to find out who Vinod and Michal are. So, before you all run out and try it, this isn't working yet. But, like the WASD event log view, the pieces seem to be in place. So, standard disclaimer […]

Some new/upcoming Windows Azure SQL Database DMVs and diagnostics

I didn't get to a whole lot of others' sessions at TechEd this year, but was pleasantly surprised by Vinod and Michal's session on "SQL Azure Administration and Application Self-Servicing". Although most of the really interesting stuff they showed wasn't in place yet (they demo'd on a "test portal" and test Windows Azure SQL Database […]

Saving the contents of a SQL Server XML column to a file

While preparing for my TechEd talk on filetables and full-text search, I came across this tidbit that I thought was interesting. With the advent of XML support in databases, specifically SQL Server's XML data type in SQL Server 2005, there has been two main ways to store XML; in files on the file system, and […]