Selective XML Index – Why is this compelling?

OK. VM with the SP1 CTP is shut down. Fun's over (until I think of something new and cool or you think of something and tell me about it). Time to answer Aaron's implied question about "what makes this so special it should be shipped in a Service Pack, no less?". This could be a […]

Selective XML Indexes – Learning the rules through error messages

Experimenting without docs is a good way to get lots of error messages along the way. I'm learning by attrition, and it seems like I'd be better off knowing the rules. It's not the best way to learn anything, but you can at least learn the limits through the error messages. I was tired of […]

Selective XML Index – Secondary Selective XML Indices

I've only been talking so far about the "primary" Selective XML Index. But you can also create 0-n "secondary" Selective XML Indexes. The syntax looks a little bit like secondary "non-selective" XML Indexes in that you use the "USING [related XML index]". You specify one (and only one) pathspec. Additionally, the XML value that the […]

Selective XML Index – Implementation Details

A while after I posted part 1, there was a twitter message from Aaron (@AaronBertrand), a well-known "smart person" in the SQL Server space, about using feature packs as "ship vehicles", especially when they (possibly) have the effect of requiring keeping all instances in-sync at the service pack level to keep things working and possibly even making SP […]

Selective XML Indexes in SQL Server – First Try…it works

OK, so let's try something. Load a bunch of documents. Although, actually this part works with an empty table. create selective xml index fooidx2 on foo(thexml) for ( pathname1 = 'foo/bar/baz2' ); Msg 6379, Level 16, State 201, Line 1 selective XML index 'fooidx' already exists on column 'thexml' in table 'foo'. Multiple selective XML […]

Getting started with Selective XML Indexes in SQL Server

So, it was announced that SQL2012 SP1 CTP4 was released yesterday. You've likely already heard this (more than once, everyone seems to revel in repeating announcements from the team). And it contains a new feature (I was surprised, thought that wasn't supposed to happen, new features in service packs, meanwhile…) called Selective XML Indexes. Interesting concept, […]