Reacting to XEvents in almost real-time

I've heard it said that the main difference between SQL Server Extended Events and SQL Server Event Notifications is that you can't "react to" Extended Events. Event Notifications are written to the service broker service of your choice, and multiple Event Notifications can even be routed to the same service, even on different machines. But […]

Loading spatial data and cleansing-converting with SQL Server 2012

Someone asked, on Twitter, if it were possible to get a set of spatial data that included cities, counties (administrative regions) and countries in database table format for SQL Server spatial. I'd come across just these datasets (and more) as shapefiles at the CDC website and pointed them out. Then came the question about how […]

Hit Highlighting/Summarization product for SQL Server Full-Text Search

I've often asked about add-ins for SQL Server Full-Text Search feature. And the most requested feature for FTS has long been some way to accomodate hit highlighting. Recently, I've come across a beta for a product that does just this, along with document summarization formats for display, ThinkHighlight by Interactive Thoughts. The add-in is implemented […]

Samples from SQLServerDays now posted on SQLskills website

Returned from SQLServerDays in Belgium last week. Had a wonderful time, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks! Samples/demos are posted on SQLskills website in the "Resources" section. Enjoy! I've been rather remiss on my blogging lately, but I've acquired some interesting things to blog about in the interim and should be starting up […]