Installing and Running HDP 2.1 on Windows

And now, for something completely different. Hadoop. I’ve been playing with everything I can get my hands on (and can find time for) with Hadoop for a while now. Have tried Hortonworks on CentOS (seems like the Hortonworks “reference” platform), Hortonworks HDP on Windows, and HDInisght. I even think I may have a clue about […]

Last week in Azure SQL Database – Part 5 – Wrapup

This post contains miscellaneous information about the current/future state of Azure SQL Database (AST). You know I couldn’t write just one more blog post when I said I would in Part3, didn’t ya’? This post has some properties of a rant in some places, but I’m genuinely interested. I try not to judge technologies, just […]

Last week in Azure SQL Database – Part 4 – Performance Levels

In this post I’ll address perhaps the most important of all the announcements, performance levels. The 6 new ASD tiers provide different levels of performance and different resource guarentees/reservations. There is a chart here: that lists performance levels (among other things) and there is a different chart here: that gives more details on […]

Last week in Azure SQL Database – Part 3 – HADR preview service for premium

This post is about a new SQL Azure Database feature called a “Business Continuity Feature”, called “Disaster recovery/geo-replication”. This feature was announced last week as a preview. For the Premium tiers, this is a lovely feature that include “Active geo-replication” (their term) and cmdlets (and portal) for controlling it. For Basic and Standard tiers, you […]

Last week in Azure SQL Database – Part 2 – New preview services

Note: Well that was quick. I’ve updated this blog entry (same day) to reflect clarifications provided by a member of the Azure SQL Database team. Thanks for these excellent clarifications. For now (I may go back and change this later) changes from the original blog post are indicated with italics. The last post in this […]

Last week in Azure SQL Database – Part 1

This blog post is especially dedicated to those who attended my SQLIntersection post-conference talk on WASD just over one week ago. The announcements were made after the talk, and so the information here is mostly a delta for those who want to catch up. I think the post series will be useful above and beyond […]