Azure SQL Database V12 Preview – Spatial Fully Functional

Yesterday’s blog post about Azure SQL Database V12 mentioned that one of the features I was particularly interested in seeing/testing were the spatial features. Interestingly, this was not even mentioned as an enhancement in the technical “What’s New” page. This may be due to the fact that the only place where a list of the […]

Not a “me-too announcement” blog on Azure SQL Database V12 preview

In general, I usually hate “me too” announcement blog posts. Over the years, I’ve considered it less than useful to simply repeat “Product XXX released to RTM” when nice marketing/technical announcements have already been posted for the folks that are responsible. Or even to rehash books online pages, as another example. In keeping with that […]

AzureML: What components are used by the sample experiments?

A few months ago, I embarked on a project to learn more about data mining, machine learning and, as a prerequisite, statistics. I was tired of hearing “statistics show that…” without enough “proof” and have taken a long side-trip toward Statistical Inference and Reproducible Research. I’d be much more interested in reading a scientific paper […]