Understanding Non-Uniform Memory Access/Architectures (NUMA)

Lately I have been doing a lot of work on SQL Server’s that have had 24 or more processor cores installed in them. Many of these systems utilize hardware non-uniform memory architectures, or NUMA, while a few of them were not. This led me into a good bit of additional research into the differences between […]

SQL Rally Presentation – Deadlocking for Mere Mortals

The first SQL Rally was held last week in Orlando, FL, and I had the honor of being selected for one of the spotlight sessions by the community in the DBA track.  SQL Rally was a different experience from the regular PASS Summit; it wasn’t anywhere as big as the normal summit, but it was […]

Changing SQL Agent Job Owner with Powershell

This blog post came from a question on the MSDN Forums asking how to change the owner of all SQL Agent Jobs on a server without having to do it manually.  I had to accomplish a similar task in the past, where I needed to scan a list of servers for jobs that were owned […]