TSQL Tuesday #11 – Misconceptions – The Tempdb Log File and VLF Counts

This post is part of the monthly community event called T-SQL Tuesday started by Adam Machanic (blog|twitter) and hosted by someone else each month. This month the host is Sankar Reddy (blog|twitter) and the topic is Misconceptions in SQL Server. You can follow posts for this theme on Twitter by looking at #TSQL2sDay hashtag. It […]

Bug in SQL 2008: Why you shouldn’t create large tables in the Model Database

If you follow me on Twitter (@SQLPoolBoy) you probably saw tweets about a bug I encountered in SQL Server 2008 recently.  What was hoped to be a normal Monday morning started off with alerts from a new production server that DBCC CHECKDB had failed for our new Sharepoint 2010 primary content database.  Thankfully, the Sharepoint […]

Does tempdb Get Recreated From model at Startup?

In my last post Does the tempdb Log file get Zero Initialized at Startup? I questioned whether or not tempdb is actually created from the model database or not at startup.  There is actually an easy way to prove that this statement, at least internally to the tempdb database is in fact TRUE.  Many thanks […]

Does the tempdb Log file get Zero Initialized at Startup?

While working on a problem today I happened to think about what the impact to startup might be for a really large tempdb transaction log file.  Its fairly common knowledge that data files in SQL Server 2005+ on Windows Server 2003+ can be instant initialized, but the transaction log files can not.  If this is […]